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Multitool for Affiliates

Launch ads for nutra, gambling, sweepstakes, and other verticals using thousands of unique pre-landings and mobile apps.
No more blocks and long setups!

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Online builder for pre-landings

Don't waste your time by creating pre-landings, setting up cloaking, pixels, and extensive testing. Choose ready-made solutions:

  • A library of pre-landing pages with the option to choose the vertical and location from the team with 8+ years of experience in affiliate marketing.
  • An online pre-landing page builder allows you to create your own funnels based on hundreds of ready-made templates for each location.
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Create converting PWA applications

Fully functional PWAs for popular verticals - Crypto, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Dating.

  • Ready-to-use library, flexible setting up of push notifications, pixel, and protection from moderation are already on board with you!
  • Online PWA constructor. The ability to add icons and screenshots, specify age restrictions, and provide additional information for users.
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Pre-Landing Library

App Marketplace for Gambling/Betting

The process of launching traffic for Gambling/Betting has become much easier. The unique system for launching mobile apps takes only 45 seconds before receiving the naming and deeplink.

You don’t need extra trackers, servers, and integrators anymore. Launch your traffic and manage your team by simply topping up your account from $10.


Convenient tracking in your personal account

  • Track conversions in detailed statistics
  • Automatically set up events with Facebook, Google, and TikTok
  • Fine-tune every aspect of your campaigns
  • Create well-elaborated push notifications for your users
  • Manage your team and monitor the efficiency of your affiliates
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Affiliate Marketing

Who will

benefit from Traffis?

Traffis is an all-purpose service created by affiliate specialists for affiliates. It contains absolutely all essential resources in one multitool.

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For those who are just starting to earn in the affiliate marketing sphere. You save a minimum of six months of time on self-learning and several thousand dollars avoiding mistakes.


Experienced buyers:

For professionals in affiliate marketing. Launch traffic into different verticals, conduct A-B tests, scale your volumes, and save up to $1000 on technical aspects monthly.



Cut your costs by tens of thousands per year on infrastructure processes. Manage buyers by dividing them into verticals. Discover new opportunities and double your profit using our service!

How much can you save by using Traffis?

Traffis is not only super convenient but also cost-effective!

Without Traffis Approximate calculation
  • Tracker $70
  • Cloaking $200
  • Server $50
  • Adplexity $200
  • Integrator $300
In total ($820)
With Traffis
  • Pre-landings & PWA
  • Domain
  • Tracker
  • Facebook Shield
  • Auto Pixel
In total ($149)

Test results of Traffis multitool

The best assistant for launching traffic in any vertical

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Case 1

Vertical: Crypto
ROI: 107%
Profit: $5 110
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Case 2

Vertical: Gambling
ROI: 48,8%
Profit: $1 120
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Preview success

Case 3

Vertical: Crypto
ROI: 80%
Profit: +$33 625
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Save hundreds of hours and reduce costs!
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